KINGPIN Copper 26650 By MCV
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KINGPIN Copper 26650 By MCV

Price: $99.95
  • Item #: KINGPIN
  • Manufacturer: Master Custom Vapes
  • Condition: New
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Now Available - KINGPIN Copper 26650 By MCV


VAPE UP USA is proud to present The KINGPIN by MCV PHILIPPINES! Boasting to be MCV’s hardest hitting mod yet, the 26650 KINGPIN has been engineered for maximum performance!


- 26650 MCV PHILIPPINES Construction

- All Copper Serialized Body

-ModFather Puppet Engraving

- Extra Wide Copper Contacts

-Self Adjusting Positive Pin

- Copper KINGPIN Engraved Logo Button (spring loaded)

- Brass Top Cap and Locking Ring

- King’s Crown Engraving on Top Cap

- 110% Made in the Philippines

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