G Mod 26680 & 26650 RDA By Vape Well
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G Mod 26680 & 26650 RDA By Vape Well

Price: $99.95
  • Item #: VAPEWELL
  • Manufacturer: Vape Well
  • Condition: New
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Clean, elegant, small, lightweight, and innovative are just some of the words that describe this mod. The mod is design with a slick clean look, accented with a very elegant CNC engraving. It is very lightweight and short enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The new lock design is a quick release lock/unlock. This mod can lock and unlock within one second.


26650 G-Mod
- Lightest 26650 mod
- Quick release lock and unlock
- Gold plated contact pin
- Clean elegant design
- Polished accents
- All CNC engraving
- Satin or brushed stainless steel finish
- Made in the USA

 Paired with the matching atomizer.

Price includes the 26650 RDA By Vape Well


26650 RDA
- 28.5mm 26650 RDA
- Stealth Air hole (no side holes)
- Hollow air chamber for fast cooling
- Large adjustable air flow
- Gold pladed positive post
- Polish accents
- All cnc engraving
- Satin or Brush finish
Made in the USA


Goes perfectly with the VapeWell G Mod

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