The Copper Morpheus Mod By VIP Customs
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The Copper Morpheus Mod By VIP Customs

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  • Item #: MORPHEUS
  • Manufacturer: VIP Customs
  • Condition: New
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The copper Morpheus Mod by VIP Customs

List of specifications: 

-Fabricated out of solid copper 
-Seamless extension tubes to fit the 18000 series batteries 
-Floating positive pins 
-Protruding half turn buttery smooth lock ring for easy lock/unlock 
-Serialized mods with logo 
-Copper +/- contacts
-Effortless firing mechanism, with tapered edge for sleek, elegant look 
-Serialized for personalization 
-All tubes are engraved with the MOD Logo, serial on opposite side of the tubes 
-Modular design, with interchangeable battery tubes 18350 and 18490 tubes included

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