The Tortuga Mod
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The Tortuga Mod

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  • Item #: TORTUGA
  • Manufacturer: Wutang House of Mods
  • Condition: New
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El Tortuga by Wu Tang House of Mods
*Topcap is polished stainless steel with a heat sink concept so that it will prevent the topcap in heating up easily.
*Topcap is adjustable so any atomizer will fit easily without the need of adjusting the positive pin and also to prevent battery rattle.
*Topcap is laser engraved so it will look elegant, floating positive pin is silver plated over copper.
*Machine finished Stainless outer sleeve, the cut outs are not sharped because we want you to be comfortable while using the EL Tortuga, the cut outs also is the main ingredient on the pull and push concept of EL Tortuga.
*Hard Anodized silver gray aluminum inner tube, the purposed of the anodized inner tube is to prevent it in being scratch while doing the push and pull concept. *Machine Finished stainles sleeve for the 18650 batteries.
*Seamless design so the 18650 sleeve will not be notice easily.
*Polished stainless Button with laser engraved and serialized.
*Polished stainless lock ring with slots so locking and unlocking will be easy, reversed locking system.
*Polished stainless bottom housing with peek insulator and heat resistance spring so no more heating up on the button.


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