VCC - Vaper's Choice Cotton
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VCC - Vaper's Choice Cotton

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The Hype is Real! Vapors Choice Cotton, 100% Organic Super Absorbent Supima Cotton, Super Clean taste. Check out the review on YouTube. This new Cotton wick is a game changer!!

Vapers Choice Cotton

“Will Revolutionize The Vaping Industry”

A Difference You Can Taste…

Finally, a Superior Premium Cotton that actually maintains it’s natural strength and durability. NO MORE burning cotton or inhalation of harmful carbons.

VCC’s Patent Pending “Purification Process” is very timely and expensive and they DO NOT USE HARMFUL CHEMICALS SUCH AS BLEACH or HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!

Beat The Heat

The boys over at VCC have brought 100 % Supima Cotton (which is ONLY Grown in the U.S.A.!) and woven it to the withstand the extremes usually produced by Competition Vapers.

Supima Can NOT Be Found in This Form Anywhere Except VCC.

VCC’s Pat.Pend “Purification Process” takes 100% Supima Cotton and removes the wax, proteins, and plant material commonly found in cotton (which is also what give Vapers the “Bad Taste”), and transforms Supima into the Most Absorbent, Highest Heat Resistant, and Purest Tasting Cotton.

NOT Another ​RE-PACK!

VCC DOES NOT purchase in bulk and “Re-Package” into smaller bags to sell at a premium. Although Supima Cotton is known as “The Worlds Finest Cotton”, it is un-usable for vaping in it’s RAW form. VCC’s Patent Pending Purification Process ensures all foul tasting plant by-product is removed for “A Difference You Can Taste”.

Vapers Choice Cotton is unlike ANYTHING you have tried before.

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